Sunflower Photography Event Proofs

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2013 Portraits


Febraury 3rd, 2013: Willow Brook Stables  Prices are as show here.

2011 Shows


August 6-7th: Ohio Valley Friesian Horse Classic

2011 Portraits

July 9th: Silver Dollar Stables

2010 Shows


July 3-4th: Northeast Feathered Horse Classic Summer Show

June 26-27th: Westmoreland Horseman's Association June Show

April 17-18th: Feathered Horse Classic Spring Classic

April 10-11th: Peach Classic Peruvian Horse Show

2010 Portraits

July 17th: Silver Dollar Stables

April 3rd: Malice in Wonderland PT 2

March 27th: Malice in Wonderland PT 1

2009 Shows

November 14th: Christine Madoni - Parelli Clinic

October 14th - 15th: Feathered Horse Classic

August 16th: Buckeye Gold Cup Gypsy Show

2009 Portraits

October 25th: Silver Dollar Stables Fall Shoot

September 9th: Jen and Bob's Wedding

August 29th: Kim and Tom Wedding

August 15th: Julie and Gordon Wedding

August 8th: Melissa and Jeannine

August 1st: Dianne and Sydney

July 21st: Jalerren Kennels

July 20th: Ukeeva Kennels

July 17th: Silver Dollar Stables

July 2nd: Rajah, Scout and Twister

July 1st: Northern Lights Ranch

June 30th: Constellation - Gypsy Mare

June 29th: Rolling Thunder Bailey

June 27th: Lion Queen

May 9th: Bill and Heather's Wedding

April 29th: Ukeeva Kennels

April 27th: Jalerren Siberians

March 14th: Michael and Christine Portraits

2008 Portraits

October 19th: Horizon Stables

September 27th - 28st: Pittsburgh Renaissance Faire

September 20th - 21st: Pittsburgh Renaissance Faire

September 13th - 14th: Pittsburgh Renaissance Faire

August 30th - September 1st: Pittsburgh Renaissance Faire

August 24th: Pittsburgh Renaissance Faire

August 17th: Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium

July 12th: Silver Dollar Stables

June 21th: Mountain Spring Farm Arabians

June 6th: Polo Match

May 27th: Northern Lights Appaloosas

May 26th: Stauffer Arabians

May 25th: Northern Lights Ranch

May 10th: Silver Dollar Stables

May 10th: Jen and Darcy

April 26th: Silver Dollar Stables

April 13th: Darby Downs

April 13th: Little Creek Preformance Horses

April 12th: Jack McDonald Stables

March 9th: Erin and Gabe

March 2nd: Darcy Fantasy Shoot

Febuary 24th: The Eclectic Circus

January 1st: Northern Light Ranch

2007 Portraits

October 18th: Dave the Demon

October 14th: Lola and the Donkeys

October 6th: Silver Feather Gypsies/Majestic Acres

September 23rd: Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival

September 16th: Lloyd and Monica

September 8th-9th: Highland Games/Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival

August 25th: Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival

August 11th: Celebration Farms

August 11th: Trakahner Inspection

June 30th: Silver Dollar Stables

June 24th: The Gironda Family

June 24th: Sierra, Brianne and Malia

June 24th: Ashley and Goose

June 24th: Mandy and Malia

June 20th: Maggie and Fiona

June 17th: Three Sisters Pony Farm

June 11th: Silver Dollar Lessons

June 2nd: Northern Lights Drum Horses

May 5th-6th: Coast to Coast K9/White Oak Animal Sanctuary Fundraiser/Demos

April 21st: JJ's Cadillac Simba

April 7th: ETC Horses 4

March 24th: Silver Dollar Stables

March 23rd: ETC Horses 3

March 11th: Emmy

March 10th: ETC Horses 2

Febuary 24th: ETC Horses

2006 Shows

August 11th - 13th: Northwest Summer Classic

2006 Portraits

October 21st: She-Ara Arabians

October 6th: Tanner

September 24th: Spice and Sheza

September 21st: EQ Training Center

September 17th: Sam and Kafara

August 1st: Leah Bogus Performance Horse

July 9th: Mannie and Artek

July 9th: Silver Dollar Stables

June 30th: HT Highland Tommy Gunn

June 30th: Silver Dollar Stables, Emmy

May 27th: Outback Stables

2005 Shows

April 23rd - 24th: IEA Nationals

May 7th - 8th: WPDA

June 10th - 12th: Eastern Classic

July 1st - 7th: NCA

August 5th - 7th: Eastern Arabian Show/East Coast Championship

August 12th - 14th: Northwest Summer Classic

September 17th - 18th: Tri State Quarter Horse Association

2004 Shows

September 11th-12th: District X 4-H Horse Show

September 3rd-5th: Silver Spurs Arabian Horse Show

August 28th -29th: Western Penn. Dressage Assocation

August 13th - 15th: Pennsylvania Northwest Summer Classic

August 6th - 8th: East Coast Show/ East Coast Arabian Championships

July 24th-25th: Tri State Quarter Horse Association

July 9th - 15th: National Costumers Association

June 11th - 13th: Eastern Classic Horse Show

May 29th - 30th: Western Penn. Dressage Assocation

2004 Portraits/Weddings
October 10th: Morning Star Stables Drafts

October 3rd: Josh's Senior Portrait

July 10th: Colorado Irish Festival

June 9th: Morning Star Stables Jumping Lesson

June 5th: Pete and Sarah Walsh Wedding

2003 Seasons Proofs

May 31st - June 1st: Pennsylvania Palomino Horse Show

June 6th - June 8th: The Eastern Classic Arabian Horse Show

June 13th - June 15th: Northwest All Arabian Horse Show

July 11th - July 17th: National Costumers Association

July 19th - July 20th: Waterfest 9

July 26 - July 27th: Tri State Quarter Horse Show

August 3rd: Westmoreland 4-H Show

August 23 - August 24th: Pennsylvania Palomino Horse Show

August 30- August 31st: 13th Annual Fall Classic Horse Show

December 12th - December 14th: Mid Atlantic Breeders Sale



December 6th: Haney Farm Portrait

November 29th: Kemp Farm Portrait

March 15th: Sims Wedding


2002 Season Proofs

July 2002: National Costumers Association

August 17th: Westmoreland 4-H

August 25th: Horse On Course

August 31st - September 1st: WNYDA Dressage

Septembet 7th - September 8th: District X 4-H

September 14th: South Park Saddle Up